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Growing up my cousins, siblings and I spent a good portion of our time at our grandparents house – Mum & Pop’s. Not because our parents weren’t around, but because if one of the cousins was there, that meant we all should be. It was like, an unspoken rule. And if you ask us, we had the best childhood ever. Sometimes we get on a role of reminising, and we all  end up laughing until our stomachs hurt.

We had the coolest clubhouses ever. Well, to us they were anyway. Really it was only a cluster of 3-4 tree’s, then we would make our little safe haven in the middle of them. The boys had one, and the girls had one. What made one clubhouse better than the other was determined by the amount of junk one had verses the other. Literally, I mean junk. There was a junkyard back in the middle of the woods. Back then it felt like it took us forever to walk back there; in reality it is embarrassing how short the distance was. You got the squealing-fuzzy-tummy feeling once you saw the opening in the trees, and the light gleaming down; you knew you had made it to the junkyard. Glass jars were the main finds, if you found one that wasn’t broken it was of much higher value. And then we found a rusted old bike, and the boys found a toilet. Seriously. They carried that toilet back, and they probably used it knowing them. We had so much STUFF from that old junkyard. And for any holiday, our clubhouse would be decorated for the occasion too.  Ah, those were the days.

While watching my younger cousins play at Mum & Pop’s house a couple of months ago, I thought about how many memories they were making without even realizing it. And while it seems so normal to them to go to Mum & Pop’s right now, one day they too will think back and know; those, were the best day’s of my life.


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  1. Loved this post Mallory, I think it’s awesome that yall have such great memories of your grandparents. These pictures of Rylan and Quinten are precious.

  2. Mallory, this means so much to me. I think I enjoyed those days as much as you did. It was such a joy just to watch all of you play and have a good time. These have been good memories for me in the last few weeks that I have been house bound. I love you

  3. Aw, Mallory, these are great photos! I love the fishing ones – even though I hate fishing! And I LOVED hearing about your clubhouses and the junkyard. And the toilet. 😀

  4. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Loooooved this post! Your memories had me remembering things from my childhood – good times for sure! I love that you caputred your little cousins making memories 🙂

  5. I love this Mallory! Childhood memories are the bestest for sure. And it is funny how something seems so big when you’re little only to realize later that maybe it wasn’t quite so big or far 🙂 Fun pictures, they will be glad you took them 🙂

  6. What a fun and sweet post. I often tell myself, “These ARE the good old days!”

  7. Selena, I LOVE that! You are so right.

  8. These are my favorite, so real and true, fun, love, love them.

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