holloway sisters.

dear bloggette’s and blogdudes,

I know I’ve been a slacker at posting lately. But not only have I not posted much on my blog, but I haven’t hardly even read any other blogs in the past week! This is quite the revelation for me. And quite honestly, the thought of opening my google reader right now is a little overwhelming to think about. But don’t give up on me yet! okay? k, thanks 🙂

But, I’ve still been making plenty of time for shoots 🙂 Jordan and Jami wanted to do pictures for their dad for Father’s day, so they brought pictures of each of them with their dad when they were younger – presh! Love these girls 🙂

Nearly on every shoot I do, people want trailroad tracks, which I completely understand, but I don’t post them very often on the blog because they are so common, but how could I resist posting this? LOVE that light!


3 responses to “holloway sisters.

  1. The picture idea is so sweet, I love it! And yes, the railroad track shot is beautiful.

  2. Very cute and you are so right about the RR tracks.. Everyone wants them.. I love the Waxhaw location. So many great places to shoot!

  3. Bobbie Brown Photography

    totally in love with that first shot! Mallory, these are all awsome, I love your lighting!!!!!

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