Jessie+Cameron {married!}

It started as out a wet, rainy day. Tornado’s were popping up in nearby cities, and it was down to the wire before the ceremony. Right as the guests showed up the sky just cleared right up. While they were being seated a few extra huge raindrops came down, and that was it. It cleared up like it had never rained, and it turned out to be a gorgeous ceremony.

Alicia Damron had called me several months back and asked if I would be interested in 2nd shooting this with her. I was so nervous! She had never had a 2nd shooter before, and I had never been one. But I knew that I couldn’t pass it up, I would love it. Turns out I knew my gut feeling was right 🙂 ; I loved it! I felt so honored, seriously honored that she asked me to help her. So, thank you Alicia again, thank you so much!

Here you will see my view of the wedding, be sure to check out Alicia’s blog to see more!

Here you can see the rain was relentless at first..



I hung out with the guys while Alicia was with the girls, be sure to visit her blog to see more of the bride and bridesmaids! 🙂

During the ceremony, they release butterflies in memory of loved ones passed – so sweet 🙂



5 responses to “Jessie+Cameron {married!}

  1. Thank you for being my second shooter, it was great seeing two angles of view!

  2. These are beautiful! YOU did such a great job. That looks like such a gorgeous place to get married, love that house. The bride is beautiful and I know she has to be so proud of these.

  3. I LOVE the house, it’s gorgeous & of course the pictures are also!! 🙂

  4. Okay, so as scrolled down looking at these I found myself thinking “I like that…great job…pretty…oh that is cute!…etc. But then, I come down to the shot on the pier, 2nd to the bottom, and my exact thought was “Stunning! That should be on a canvas!” Mallory it is beautiful, everything about it. The light is breath-taking! I have that ‘giddy’ feeling for ya seeing that shot! You go girl!!!!!!!!!! You and Alicia did a great job covering this wedding 🙂

  5. i love the colors that she used, and she is so pretty, great job !!! what can I say LOVE Weddings……

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