those boys.

dear boys: never grow up.

Of course – jumping the picnic table was a total necessity.

My favorite, favoriteeee of the day 🙂

Mister so-fis-ti-cated


13 responses to “those boys.

  1. Ahh what handsome boys!! I’m so impressed you got them to let you take their pictures and they smiled and went along with it 🙂 I love the ones of them in the boat!!

  2. What a handsome bunch of boys. These are so great Mallory. My favorite is your favorite as well! Great job!!

  3. Mignon Baucom

    Great job Mallory! No way to pick a favorite, these are wonderful!

  4. This is my new favorite photo shoot of yours. I’ve been so excited to see them! They are fabulous. Love all the pictures. The ones in the boat are my favorites!

  5. Love these Mallory, can’t believe you got them to cooperate! My favorite is the boat too! Thanks for taking your time to do this, they are a great group of guys! ‘Course, I may be a little partial!

  6. Mallory, you did a great job with these pictures. What a handsome group of young men. I know their parents are proud. All the pictures are great I like the ones beside the fence. I am the proud grandmother (grammy) of Taylor. Your website is great, love looking at your pictures.

  7. Mallory, I love this shoot! I’m so impressed that these guys took the time to get pictures made – they will love looking back on these!!

  8. Bobbie Brown Photography

    I am totally impressed! What a good looking group of guys! Love these Mallory!

  9. Mallory this is my favorite!!! They will be so glad you captured these one day.. You usually see a group of girls getting their pics done, and I think thats why I love it because you dont usually see this!!…Whoever gets these guys will be some lucky girls!!! Way to go Mal!! And way to go boys, you rocked it!!!

  10. I love these and am also so impressed that you got a group of teenage boys to do this! I love the fishing ones, actually, I love all of them!

  11. Fantastic photo shoot! I love them all!

  12. I love them all!!!!(:

  13. Mallory, I love all of these! You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much! You so captured their individual personalities! I just love,love, love each and very one!

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