full of life.

He’s all boy. He would somehow attract dirt and railroad grease unlike any child I’ve ever seen. He ran, oh, he ran so much. When I asked him to smile, he would; a big cheesy smile with his tongue stuck out and his dimples as deep as they’d go. His voice would highten in excitement for ducks, and he was in awe of the “secret nest of duck eggs” we found in the woods. He’s all boy. He’s full of excitement. He’s full of smiles. He’s full of love. He’s so, full of life.

He was the first one in front of my camera outside of my family nearly 2 years ago, I was so excited when Amanda contacted me a few months ago for another shoot 🙂 Blogettes and blogdudes, meet Devyn:

We got Devyn’s sweet mom Amanda in for a few shots 🙂

Had a few whole family shots 🙂 Devyn, Amanda (Devyn’s mom) Shannon & Scott (Nana and Hawpaw ;)) and Tyler (Devyn’s uncle)

5 responses to “full of life.

  1. thank you so much, you are a great inspiration to me. You have a great gift, and use it well. I literally cried when I loaded all the pics last nite. All I can say is I gotta go buy 150 new frames, lol. ilu and thanks we will see you soon!

  2. aww he is such a cutie!!! I remember i went with you when you took his pictures that time and he was beyond precious then and he has grown up into such a handsome little guy 🙂

  3. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Um… did you break out the 50mm? Or am I wrong?! I LOVE that shot with the stick and the shot that shows just his legs and feet – awesome! Cute kid!!

  4. These are precious! Love the balloon shot! ❤

  5. AWWW I need to have you to take Claytons pictures, we have never had our pictures taken together. and he is growing like a weed and I am just fatter !!!! LOL

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