I promise I haven’t forgotten to update my blog, but we’ve been going through some little changes 🙂 

My space upgrade was running out on this site, and I knew I didn’t want to put more money into keeping it, because it doesn’t represent me very well. I struggled on what I should do, but finally decided that my “website” wasn’t being used as much as my blog. So I decided just to keep a blogsite, instead of having  two seperate sites. So, after this post, I’ll be posting soley on the new blog –  🙂

To all my readers who have been on this blog from the beginning, thank you so much. And to all of my readers who have dropped in along the way, or just stop by on occasion to get caught up, or the ones that are visiting right now for the first time, thank you.

Two years ago I never would have imagined myself going anywhere in photography. I was just doing it because I loved it. Now I’m still doing it because I love it, I have dreams, and I have so incredibly far to go. I have so much to learn, I feel like every single day I learn something new, and I know that part will never change. I also know that 2 years from now I look at the pictures on this site and be somewhat embarrassed that I put myself out there like I did, haha, in fact, I already get embarrased by some of the stuff/pictures I post on here because I just know, I have so far to go.  But YOU have encouraged me beyond anything I would have imagined, and I thank you, so much for that.

So change your Google Reader or whatever reader you use, and put the new site in! 🙂 I hope to see you there!

title unknown.

Growing up my cousins, siblings and I spent a good portion of our time at our grandparents house – Mum & Pop’s. Not because our parents weren’t around, but because if one of the cousins was there, that meant we all should be. It was like, an unspoken rule. And if you ask us, we had the best childhood ever. Sometimes we get on a role of reminising, and we all  end up laughing until our stomachs hurt.

We had the coolest clubhouses ever. Well, to us they were anyway. Really it was only a cluster of 3-4 tree’s, then we would make our little safe haven in the middle of them. The boys had one, and the girls had one. What made one clubhouse better than the other was determined by the amount of junk one had verses the other. Literally, I mean junk. There was a junkyard back in the middle of the woods. Back then it felt like it took us forever to walk back there; in reality it is embarrassing how short the distance was. You got the squealing-fuzzy-tummy feeling once you saw the opening in the trees, and the light gleaming down; you knew you had made it to the junkyard. Glass jars were the main finds, if you found one that wasn’t broken it was of much higher value. And then we found a rusted old bike, and the boys found a toilet. Seriously. They carried that toilet back, and they probably used it knowing them. We had so much STUFF from that old junkyard. And for any holiday, our clubhouse would be decorated for the occasion too.  Ah, those were the days.

While watching my younger cousins play at Mum & Pop’s house a couple of months ago, I thought about how many memories they were making without even realizing it. And while it seems so normal to them to go to Mum & Pop’s right now, one day they too will think back and know; those, were the best day’s of my life.

it’s personal.

{My brother Brett, and my Dad}

Growing up my dad was always a volunteer firefighter. Always. And I went through spells of hating it, embarrassed by it, and envious of it. Hating it because he would bolt out of the house during supper or birthday parties. Embarrassed by it because, well, they’re rednecks and proud of it. J and envious of it because for the most part they have a ‘brotherhood’ that makes most that know them a little jealous.

As you probably know, I’m the oldest of 7 kids, there were 3 boys born after me, and then my 3 sisters. So I was 10 before my first sister was born. And since the majority of my childhood at that point consisted of fishing, cowboys & Indians, and shooting BB guns; well it’s safe to say I was a little on the tomboy side.

I spent most of my childhood day’s trying to keep up with my brothers, since they had hatchet’s to randomly smack at tree’s, I felt it necessary to have a hachet for that too. And since Colton learned to ride the bike first, I thought he would be the perfect person to teach me how to ride a bike, until he told me to jump the ramp. (He could have warned me bad things happen once the first tire gets over the edge of the ramp and you are going super slow.) Since they thought things were fun, they had to be, right?

Me chasing my brothers ambitions spilled over into my teenage years. They all wanted to be firefighters just like dad. So I tagged along to the fire shows, and hung out at the station with dad when I could. When I turned 16 I knew I would never be able to actually be a firefighter. I’m too much of a baby. I can’t even control a bonfire, let alone a house fire. SO, get this, I decided I would be the “fire station photographer”; this was WAY before I actually developed dreams of owning a photography business, it was more of a lazy way of getting to stay around the station with my dad and brothers. At this time Colton was 15, and like I said I was 16, so I had my license, and he didn’t J we were hanging out at the station, and a fire was dispatched. “OKAY, here’s my chance! Let’s go take pictures!” Colton’s dream was firefighting. He was PUMPED that we were going to this fire call. We jumped in my little burgundy Honda and started towards our destination. He say’s “Mallory you have to turn on your hazard lights, and drive fast!” Wellllll, if you know me, you know that I drive like a grandma. For real. Hands at 10 & 2, and usually maybe 1 mile over the speed limit. I ended up buckling under pressure and pulled over for the other volunteer firefighters with their strobe lights on, pass me. I thought Colton was going to die. Be bent over in my front passenger seat with his elbows on his knees, and his face in his hands saying “this is the most embarrassing day of my life” over and over. That was the day, I quit chasing my brother’s dreams.

the little’s.

Eek, I’ve got SO much going on right now, life is hectic, I’ll fill you in soon, I promise 🙂 But right now, posting the Little family seem’s a little more pressing 🙂 Mitzi {their mom} asked me to take a few pictures of her kids for a surprise father’s day gift – and well, dad got way too suspicious of the boys getting showers in the middle of a Saturday 😉 So, I hope you had a Happy Father’s Day Jody! Even though you found out what your gift was a couple of weeks early haha!

We had a super short session; as in 20 minutes. Mitzi kept saying “Mallory please don’t give me much to choose from, I’m not good with decisions”, so thats what we did haha! So here is Brantley, Salem, Shadd, and Journey 🙂

Mitzi thank you again so much for asking me to do these for you! 🙂

stack family

This family may look a little familiar to you, thats because it’s the 3rd time they’ve been in front of my camera. 🙂

holloway sisters.

dear bloggette’s and blogdudes,

I know I’ve been a slacker at posting lately. But not only have I not posted much on my blog, but I haven’t hardly even read any other blogs in the past week! This is quite the revelation for me. And quite honestly, the thought of opening my google reader right now is a little overwhelming to think about. But don’t give up on me yet! okay? k, thanks 🙂

But, I’ve still been making plenty of time for shoots 🙂 Jordan and Jami wanted to do pictures for their dad for Father’s day, so they brought pictures of each of them with their dad when they were younger – presh! Love these girls 🙂

Nearly on every shoot I do, people want trailroad tracks, which I completely understand, but I don’t post them very often on the blog because they are so common, but how could I resist posting this? LOVE that light!

those boys.

dear boys: never grow up.

Of course – jumping the picnic table was a total necessity.

My favorite, favoriteeee of the day 🙂

Mister so-fis-ti-cated