giveaway friday!

I’ve decided to post a giveaway 🙂 wanna know what it’s for?

It’s for —–> $150 off a session!

So what does this mean for you?

It means – you will get a FREE session if you book engagement, senior, just because, maternity or newborn shoots. (and with families up to 4 people; add $10 to every person after 4)


All you have to do is invite all of your friends to my business page, and tell them to leave a comment with YOUR name in it. The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday May 14th.

For Extra Entries:

The more people that leave your name, the more times you will be entered in the drawing. So if John and Joe both leave comments with your name in them – you will be entered twice 🙂

I rarely EVER do this – so.. you better take advantage while you can 😉

*every single time I do a contest, so many people email me and say “well I wanted to enter but I wasn’t sure I would qualify”– YES! You qualify – So enter! Mainly so I don’t feel like an idiot and never do this again, mmk? :)**

 click here to find me on facebook 🙂

oh… and the contest starts NOW! YAY!

and if you are just seeing this on like… Friday? You can still enter, because the contest doesn’t end untilllll Saturday May 14th 🙂

5 responses to “giveaway friday!

  1. Great idea Mallory….you do such beautiful work 🙂

  2. These pictures are so beautiful!! You are so talented!! The joy you are bringing to so many through your work. I am so proud of you for following your dream!

  3. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Love that first picture!!! Have fun with the Giveaway!!

  4. I love the idea of this contest, even if we don’t win, your are truly a blessing to a lot of people and thank you for doing this, you are a great artist and truly gifted! ❤

  5. You do great work,

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