Jaxon is 1!

Okay, get ready for a super long post.. but truth is I could NOT get enough of this little face. He is seriously so adorable. And as a disclaimer up front: no, I did not touch the coloring of his eyes – they are really that blue. Presh 🙂

And just to throw this out there – Jaxon’s mom’s name is Lilani – yep, coolest names ever. Just sayin’.

they found a little flower 🙂

and Jaxon thought it may taste delish 😉

but the flower wasn’t all too great tasting…

but i’m SURE the stick tasted better…

ahh… shutttt your mouth – so precious!

this hot mama is a marine, ohhh yes, a marine 🙂

We went to cross over a ditch filled with rocks, and Lilani was carrying Jaxon, so instead of her risking her life walking over the rocks, I pointed out a less risky route, but when I turned around she had already across – really. I told a marine to take a easier route, ha! I’m lame. 😉

6 responses to “Jaxon is 1!

  1. Lindsey Gillock

    My favorite is the 4th picture from the top! I love his his little face and nose are scrunched up!

  2. Karin Geldenhuys

    I just love these pictures. They are so natural and captures the love between mother and son perfectly. Jaxon is such a cutie.

  3. My favorite is the black and white where you just see one eye clearly looking out through the tic tac toe game. Your focus is perfect on that eye! Love it! What a cute little boy!

  4. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Love that tic tac toe game shot! You got lots of great captures…that little smile just melts my heart! Ahhhh! Great job Mallory!

  5. Karin Geldenhuys

    Everyone that has seen that tic tac toe game shot loves it! My favorite as well.

  6. Burger Geldenhuys

    The pictures are great , this is howJaxon is all the time !!

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