Sweet Easter :)

I tried to think of quirky words to say, and I think the pictures can just speak for themselves . There was lots of chocolate, dyed eggs, food, 2 birthdays, and some moronic family love on our Easter Sunday 😉 ; and really the family part is what makes it so perfect. My heart is full.

In this post you will find lots of randomness – oh, and mostly Karlin 🙂 she’s a good little model; I can’t resist! I hope your Easter was amazing too!

5 responses to “Sweet Easter :)

  1. Karlin is a good little model! Love these 🙂

  2. Great photos!!! love them all..

  3. Great pics Mallory! Girl, you are one busy photographer! (must be a testament to how good you are!) Love looking at all your pics and reading your blog, and yes, Karlin is a beautiful little model, all of those girls are adorable!

  4. Love these Mallory! The guys holding the Easter basket is pretty funny. And I love those of Karlin, she’s so pretty!

  5. Ashton Griffin

    Love these! Hate I missed it. Looks like everyone had a good time. That one of Cody and Colton is “so them”. 🙂

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