andrew+colby {engaged!}

The first time I talked to Colby about doing their engagement shoot, I knew they would be one of my favoritest couples ever. {yes, I said favoritest, don’t judge ;)}

We met in Oakboro for their shoot, and for real, I feel like I laughed and giggled the whole time. Seriously, they were so much fun! Plus, they totally laughed at me too when I told them I was sorry for being awkward and clumsy. They know now that I’m good at that 😉 So yep, I was right; they were a favorite, for sure.

This was probably one of my most favorite shoots yet; and mostly because I never asked them to kiss, and I never asked them to laugh. They… just did. They are adorable.

um. yes. you are gorgeous.

loveee this laughter!

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12 responses to “andrew+colby {engaged!}

  1. Great pics love yal

  2. Another favorite shoot of yours Mallory! Keep it up!

  3. Awesome pics

  4. they look great congrats guys……

  5. You did a great job capturing their moments together. No one could have done it better. By the way they are my favorite couple too, he’s my son and she’s my new daughter. Thank you so much for all your work.

  6. Ashton Griffin

    They look adorable! These are some of my favorites of yours, great job! I especially love the 2nd, 18th and 22nd … those were awesome!

  7. Aww so beautiful

  8. they are such a good looking couple 🙂
    Good Job Mallory!!!

  9. they are adorable. i LOVE them! 🙂 great job!

  10. Bobbie Brown Photography

    The 4th and 13th shots…. LOVE THOSE! You rocked ’em girl – good work!

  11. Great Pics

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