anna. {just because}

She’s the cutest thing in the world. She’s the funniest person in the world. And she is on fire. 🙂 Did that sound lame? Whatever, you get what I’m saying – love this girl!

Probablyyy my favorite of the day right here. Her eyes are killer.

oh, and she’s gonna be a model. 🙂 I’ve already warned her not to forget about me. Anna: seriously, write postcards! Or facebook, whichever is easier.

gorg. for real.

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7 responses to “anna. {just because}

  1. My fav? The close up with her hand on her face!! Now that is hot!! These are great Mallory.

  2. Anna is b-e-a-utiful 🙂 & these pictures are GREAT Mallory!

  3. Beautiful woman! I love the one where she’s leaning against the glass, the reflection of the traffic lights is showing, very unique!

  4. Anna is b-e-a-utiful & these pictures are great Mallory! Love the fifth from the bottom!

  5. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Beautiful! I love how she can really ‘look’ into the camera – awesome!

  6. Ashton Griffin

    Love these! Anna is beautiful!

  7. Anna gah your so pretty 🙂
    i love these Mal!!

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