brayden self {6 months}

Ahh, this little chuckster made my day! I couldn’t get over how happy he was, I kept asking his parents is he always this happy?! They’re answer: yep. So! adorable! Seriously, cutest thing ever.

We went with a little firefighter theme for some of his shoot. Brayden’s grandpa passed away a couple of years ago after a fight with brain cancer. He had been a long time firefighter, and was very well known in our community. The weekend after our shoot would have been Mike’s birthday, and we didn’t think there was a better way to honor him than have his first grandson in pictures with his old fire suit. I know he would have been so proud. 🙂

One of Brayden’s older sisters couldnt resist jumping in for a picture 🙂

cutest little legs I’ve ever seen 🙂

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7 responses to “brayden self {6 months}

  1. I must say those are the cutest pictures but of course he is my precious nephew……

  2. Mallory, I have to say the 11th one down is perfection! The composition, his expression, the black and white, it’s perfect. I’d be very proud of that one! Of course the others are precious too, but that one stood out to me.

  3. Ashley Preslar

    He is adorable and these look so good!

  4. Ashton Griffin

    This little guy is adorable! I love the firegear, I think it adds such a special meaning! 🙂 Great job … I don’t know how Stacey will choose her favorites, I love every picture.

  5. Melanie Huntley

    Mallory these are just adorable. This little boy has the prettiest eyes!

  6. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Mallory I LOVE these! Using the fire suit is a great idea and you pulled it off perfectly! He is just adorable 🙂

  7. I just love the close ups you did…so great.

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