we’ve got a winner! :)

Okay, so apparently me and 4 other people are the only ones that dreamed big as kids, because we are the only ones that told our stories, haha! Oh well, I’m pretty sure it was the funnest dreams ever πŸ™‚

And because I don’t know anything about doing anything online besides the extreme basics, I’m not sure how people put up the score so fancy from random.org.

So here ya go, taken straight from my phone so you would know I’m not lying, haha! Don’t judge πŸ˜‰

Amanda – you won! Yay! I’ll be sending you the $15 Starbucks giftcard, and if you want to share…. πŸ˜‰

2 responses to “we’ve got a winner! :)

  1. yayayayayayyay!!!! and id love to share with you πŸ™‚

    starbucks coffee date here we come!

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Whoohoo! Congrats to Amanda!!

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