brayden plyler {4 weeks}

 ”You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because your reality is finally better than your dreams” – Dr Seuss


Brook – thank you so much for letting me document such a sweet time in little Brayden’s life. He’s precious!

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24 responses to “brayden plyler {4 weeks}

  1. He is so freakin adorable.

  2. Brooke he is so adorable, congrat’s to all of you!! keep sharing pictures!! :0)

  3. Brittany Jenkins

    Awee my preciousss little brayden. I love him 🙂 cutesst little boy in the world

  4. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Ohhh, love the shot of Mommy and baby looking at each other 🙂

  5. Love these pictures! Brook he is too cute 🙂

  6. Madison Kirkman

    Absolutely beautiful little boy 🙂

  7. Aww these are great pictures!! 😀 Love the one of Brooke and Brayden looking at each other!! :] Cant wait to meet him he is super adorable!!

  8. Ohh cute little Brayden! Good Job Mallory these pictures are adorable! 🙂

  9. you did such a great job with these pics, i love my nephew 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful child!!

  11. Sweet boyyy, such a cutieee pie ❤

  12. Brayden is sooo precious!

  13. We are so proud of the awesome pictures you captured of our handsome grandson. Thank You for such nice pictures.

  14. Awwww! He is sooo precious. I love the ones of him in the little green taboggan. Congrats Brook, he looks so sweet. And great job Mallory! 🙂

  15. Cutest baby in the world. Love, his Crunkle

  16. brayden is absolutely stunning these pictures are beautiful !! great photography!!

  17. Love this little man

  18. Brayden you are so cute! I love you and the pictures are the best!

  19. So cute! He’s a little stud!

  20. These are the sweetest baby pictures I’ve ever seen…. he’s the cutest thing ever…. Mallory did a great job!!!!

  21. Little brayden is beyond a cutie (:

  22. oh my…these are the cutest pouting faces EVER!

  23. Look at sweet brayden… too cute

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