This past weekend couldn’t have had more perfect weather. It was gorgeous. Saturday I did a maternity shoot out at Freedom Park, and if you’ve ever been to that park, you know that there is this big hill that overlooks the “lake” (an oversized pond), and when you looked out across the field, I’ve really never seen so many people laying around on blankets; except at a concert.

I was so jealous, I just kept saying out loud how do these people have time for this? I’ve never, ever in my life, been to a park to lay around! I was really, really jealous.

But as you know, this month I’m taking the time to slow down and catch up on normal everyday stuff – like cleaning. I need to clean. My room has been neglected to a serious extent. And so has my car. I can’t even deal with it anymore. It’s time for a little spring cleaning 🙂 

I bought a dresser a little over a year ago with the intent to refinish it, annndd well I still have that intent 🙂 Hopefully that will be done in the next 2 weeks too.

Oh and Friday; I’ll be 23 🙂 Wooo!

Here is a little peek from the maternity shoot Saturday; so. adorable.


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