Okay – I’ll admit, I’m totally slacking on posting shoots lately. But I’m trying to get completely caught up on my editing, and I’m trying to relax a little more. My doctor hasn’t been too impressed with the ol’ blood pressure lately.

So, in an effort to redeem myself and at least post a little something, I’ll tell you a little story. A true one.

Last Saturday morning, Anna (the loveliness pictured above) and I were roaming the streets of downtown Monroe; chatting, giggling, acting obnoxious as usual, and had 1 thing on our minds – she would effortlessly roll a pose, and I would click the shutter on my camera. We had been doing this for probably 30-45 minutes, when at one point I realized there was an older man standing beside me, watching her. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but then I looked at him, and smiled, and said “oh I’m sorry! Are you needing to get through here?” He said “nope, just watching… but I’m wondering, why are you taking the downside of the town rather than the upside.” I was a little confused on what he was trying to say, I mean, we were in the middle of downtown, and to me, well… thats the nicest part of Monroe, entirely. So I explained to him that I look for the imperfections in the settings, I like the unique, less perfect backdrops. He wasn’t giving up very easy on the topic, we went back-and-forth over and over, until he said “well i’ve been following you all around watching y’all do this and I just didn’t understand why you were taking them in these places instead of the nicer places”.

Houston. We have a problem. So… he’s telling me he just followed us? What? And then he started pointing out the spots where we did shots at the very beginning of our shoot and then all the shots up until this very moment. I was not, at all, happy. Anna and I walked off, constantly looking back to be sure he wasn’t following. But, all I could think about was this song; I’m pretty sure he had his knees bent and his arms were t-rexin’ – since he followed us, I’m going to go ahead and say, he was a creeper. And I was tough scared.

6 responses to “creeper.

  1. Maybe he was just bored and thought what y’all were doing looked interesting…but I agree with you about looking for perfectly imperfect backgrounds. I like things with some roughness to make it more interesting.

  2. Sounds weird! She is so beautiful though!

  3. Maybe he was just trying to help? Either way it it looks like you scored some fab shots. Anna is gorgeous!

  4. Bobbie Brown Photography

    yikes! gotta be careful out there… this picture is beautiful..

  5. i would have been freaked out!!!
    anna is so lovely 🙂

  6. That is SO weird! Watching in one location is one thing. Following you all day is certainly creeper status!

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