the things they say..

After I was born, my parents had 3 little boys, and then finally when I was 10 I got my first little sister. And then 2 more little sisters after that 🙂

Karlin, my youngest sister, who is now 9 years old (ahh what? where did the time go?); called my mom at work the other day to say:

  • Karlin: mom, what are you doing?
  • Mom: I’m working Karlin, why? do you need something?
  • Karlin: well, are you going to the grocery store today?
  • Mom: I wasn’t planning on it, but is there something you need?
  • Karlin: yes, I really need oreos.
  • Mom: ah, no you don’t. because if I buy them for you, I’ll want to help you eat them, and I don’t need to eat them because I want to lose weight.
  • Karlin: **long silence**
  • Mom: Karlin?
  • Karlin: Mom, I’ve been meaning to tell you; you’ve lost so much weight, you have been looking so skinny lately!
  • Mom: is this some kind of twisted way of talking me into buying oreos?
  • Karlin:…… well, is it working?

Where do they come up with this stuff?

9 responses to “the things they say..

  1. ahahah that sounds like something Cecily would do!
    Except she is on to adopting a child she will even take care of it.!

  2. Bobbie Brown Photography

    Hahahhahahahha! LOVE it!

  3. April Duritza

    That is adorable!!!!

  4. hahahahaha she is hilarious!

  5. She is so precious!!!!

  6. meredith huntley

    hahahahahahah i love it!
    this is what i overheard cecily say last night at 11pm while i was sleeping or trying to.
    “hey mom meredith needs the computer really bad to do school” (i’m going to bed not needing the computer)
    mom-“cecily i know meredith isn’t doing school at 11 at night”
    cecily – “mom seriously she really needs it”
    mom didn’t buy it of course. then i asked cecily if she got the computer she said “well i wasn’t really getting for you. i was going to use it” no kidding child i never asked you for it. hahahaha how do they learn so young?

  7. This is so cute!!!

  8. I love that last photo!! It’s so fab! xo

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