They met through friends in college, now his job has taken him to Chicago, and her’s keeps her in Greensboro. They plan to marry this fall, and I couldn’t have been more excited to take their engagement pictures! Ok, enough talking, time to indulge in their love through images 🙂


Work that sass girl 🙂

Daniel is a hobbiest pilot, and Lauren is on her way to getting her license too, so naturallyyyy we went to Goose Creek Airport for some shots with the airplanes 🙂

Daniel specifically requested this next picture, he said he saw it in a magazine once, and he just HAD to have it with his best friend. So. Sweet. 🙂

This orange plane is Daniel’s baby. He and his dad rebuilt it. It was his first plane. Saweet.

9 responses to “daniel+lauren.

  1. i love the one with the luggage and the plane 🙂

  2. these are great, i love the airplane pictures! so cute!

  3. Mallory these are awesome! They sound like an amazing couple. Love the gritty location and of course I love the plane shots 🙂

  4. These look great Mallory! My favorites are of them in the plane, and looking at the map 🙂

  5. These photo’s are awesome. I love them all!! You two are made for each other!!!!

  6. These are darling. I love the one with the plane.

  7. You captured some really fun shots from the engagement session. 🙂

  8. Airplane shots are my favorite for sure. Love them looking at the map. Super cool. 😀

  9. Image 5 and 6 are by far my favs!!! Great light. I love the shots of them with the airplanes as well – all of the aviation photos rock it! :~)

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