country living {part 1}

Mick & Nancy are two of the sweetest and most hilarious couples I’ve ever met. I loved every minute of this shoot.

Mick had to get some pictures of his Duster, I think directors of Western movies will be jealous… just sayin’

Mick told Nancy to stand in the bucket, and then he jarred it a little bit and got a sassy response; love it! hahaha

Mick & Nancy: thank you for being such fun sports, you were so much fun!

5 responses to “country living {part 1}

  1. This are really good pictures, as always!! The duster reminds me of my dad because he has one too!

  2. I love that black and white shot of him holding the goat, it’s great!

  3. Love the first two horse shots … really really love them!

  4. Mallory these are adorable! I love them so much!

  5. i love these, i am with ashley the duster ones are my favorite!! he can pull it off!!

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