I just LOVE to say that I introduced these two a little over 3 years ago. I’ve known Joseph my whole life, but when Joseph and my brother (Colton) lived together, I took my friend Lizzie over to their house to hang out one night. And well.. what can I say, they make the perfect couple 🙂 And I just give myself all the credit for it. ha! kidding 😉

I just lovee this next one for some reason.

lizzie & joe: I love that you two are my friends, and thank for letting me capture your love, I had so much fun as usual 😉 lovee you!


7 responses to “lizzie+joseph

  1. Aw… Lizzie and Joseph! Great pictures of you two 🙂 Mallory, fantastic job!

  2. Good job Mallory! I always love all the different angles you get 🙂

  3. I LOVE these!!! Joey and Lizzie make such a cute couple!! Great job Mallory!!

  4. These are amazing Mallory! I love the location and different angles. Lizzie and Joe y’all are the cutest ever … I know you are so proud of these!

  5. Lizzie’s hair is so pretty! i love these pictures of them! good job mal & good job on the setup 😉

  6. awesome pixs mal… Lizzie you are beautiful girl!!!! You & Joseph are so cute together 🙂

  7. Mallory I LOVE these!! I think Lizzie is just so gorgeous 🙂

    And good job on getting them set up, I had no idea you were the one behind that!

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