love. part 2.

Justin & Brandy: Thank you AGAIN for letting me spend time with you on your special day! You two rock, for real.

I wish the ultimate best in your life together!

cake: by Shawna Stegall

flowers: by Paula Helms-Tuttle

bouquet toss!

anddd on the floor it lands. purposely.  🙂

she don’t want it!

4 responses to “love. part 2.

  1. Haha hit the floor.. purposely.. so funny!! All the pictures look awesome!!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. I just wonder what Justin and I were talking about in that picture… looks like were were having a starring contest ?? Who knows haha..
    But Mallory these are amazing as I would never expect anything less than the best from you! They are beautiful!! Thank you for caputuring my special day of a lifetime of memories!!

  3. Oh and notice while he is taking my garter off.. my feet don’t hit the floor- I am that short… man oh man… 🙂

  4. Mallory~
    I dont know these people, but you captured a beautiful wedding…Beautiful Couple!!
    You rocked it once again!! You do awesome work Mal!!!

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