Spread the Love Tour 2011

Oh snap, it’s back. LOVE! See this? (in case you didn’t see the link, you need to click on it) Yep, it’s me. Top row, and center. Right where I’ll be in March again.

(This time I’m going to smile though so when the paparazzi takes my picture I won’t be looking so much like a terrible Debbie Downer ha!)

Justin & Mary Marantz of Justin Marantz Photography just announced the Spread the Love tour 2011. As you could see, I went there last year and I’m totally going back this year. I’m staying up til 12 on Thursday night especially to reserve my seat with the rockin’ Black Friday Sale. When they announced they were coming back to Charlotte again this year, I may or may not have seriously squealed out loud. What can I say, it’s one of the BEST things I’ve ever done before.

If you are going or want to go too, let me know! I wana see youu.

{NOTE: This is not exclusively for Photographers, anyone can go!}

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