sweetness on the way.

Lovely’s, meet Jeremy & Carrie. They are one of the CUTEST/ funniest couple’s I know. Literally while I was shooting I would have to stop shooting to wait for my uncontainable ruptures of laughing to subside. They are expecting little Addison’s arrival in about 2 weeks (well, Jeremy hopes for the beginning of December so it will be close to some other dates he remembers) but Carrie won’t have any talk of waiting until December for her little girl 🙂

We went out to Carrie’s grandparents awesome farm. There is something about a farm I just can’t turn down 🙂 Oh, and did I mention Carrie is a rocking hair styliest? Um yes, call her! She’s at European Images in Monroe 🙂

Jeremy just HAD to have a picture of her beside this tractor, he loved it. And seriously talked about it for the rest of the shoot, haha!

3 responses to “sweetness on the way.

  1. Love her top, they make some stylish maternity clothes these days. And I love that belly shot of her sitting on the blanket, good job!

  2. 9th shot down from the top – LOVE! I love the sunshine, the dog, the buildings, the way they are holding hands and looking at each other, everything! I love it! Great job Mallory… and congrats to these two on their sweet little baby!

  3. Mallory I LOVE LOVE these:) They are so GREAT. The one’s with both of their hands on her belly are my favorites. Can’t wait for Addison to get here so you can photograph her!

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