Mint Hill Madness 5k

This weekend has been cuhrazzyy. Friday night my brothers & Dad were in a firefighters softball competetion {pictures in my previous post}, then yesterday morning Dallas, my youngest brother ran in his first 5k. {He decided this past Thursday night that he wanted to run in it, so he only had time to train for it once, but ended up coming in 26th overall! I’m so jealous and proud of him all at the same time, big accomplishment! :)}  After we got home from his race, we went to Monroe to watch more of the softball tournament Dad & the boys were in. Then at 12 I went to Bailey’s in Monroe for a Corn Hole Tournament fundraiser for COTA in honor of Sandra Cook! When I got home it was almost 9, and I was exhausteddd.

Right before Dallas rounding the corner yesterday heading towards the finish line, I had my camera up, my settings ready, and I was waiting patiently. Suddenly, I saw black, and what I mean by that is, I couldn’t see out of my camera, so I double checked my lens cap, nope it’s off. Whats wrong here?! So I was rushing to switch lenses, thinking something was wrong with my lens, I looked up and saw the people I knew were right in front of Dallas, so I put my camera back up to my face again, and nope; only saw black. I was furiously checking settings, thinking maybe I hit something accidentally? Who knows, anyway, I realized later a spring popped out of my shutter sensor. So this is how all of my pictures looked:

Ugh, are you serious? Since I’m not a full time photographer, I don’t have equipment all over the place like most do. And I have an October jam packed with shoots. Wolf Camera said to fix mine it would have to be shipped out, and we’re looking at 4-6 weeks. Thank goodnesssss my mom has a good camera, she’s saving my life next month! {& I’ve been budgeting to buy a new camera next month anyway} Crisis averted 🙂

Overcame something big yesterday though! Will tell more about that soon 🙂

They obviously didn’t want their picture taken 🙂

Daphne’s Bakery 🙂

5 responses to “Mint Hill Madness 5k

  1. Love this Mallory!

  2. Great blog and pictures Mallory!

  3. This has been a crazy busy weekend! Love the pictures that you were able to get of Dallas, he did GREAT!

  4. Oh NO Mallory! I am so sorry for you… I could feel your pain just reading this… that is terrible! Do tell me though, what kind of camera are you about to buy?!

  5. Oh… I hit ‘post comment’ to fast! Love the pictures… that first b&w is so cute!

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