Car Wash in Monroe this weekend!

Below I have a story about someone really close to my heart, please come by on Saturday and see us!

(photo by Lindsey Cook)

Sandra Cook, an admirable “COPD”er 

Union County resident, Sandra Cook, has been living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency for years.  As a result, she has been forced to go on disability after being a dedicated employee of First Citizens Bank of over 10 years.  At 49 years old, Sandra’s condition has progressed to the point that she is in need of a life-saving bilateral lung transplant.  Please join us in raising funds for Transplant Related expenses through COTA in honor of Sandra Cook.  Our goal is to raise $85,000.00.  Please join us on our journey and thank you for your contribution. 

“I thank God for each new day. God is my strength and my family is my support.”

-Sandra Cook

*Join Sandra’s support group via Facebook, “Sandra’s Believers” to keep updated on Sandra’s progress.

We do have bracelets for sale, the ones pictured below – $3 per bracelet 🙂

Message or call me if you would like one {or 20 😉 }! 704-221-8270


1st Event!

Car Wash




For COTA in honor of SANDRA COOK for lung transplant related expenses




One response to “Car Wash in Monroe this weekend!

  1. you are the best my dear! i love you ❤ and so does my mom, after all you are like her second daughter.. mallory cook.. nice ring to it!

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