the facebook breakup.

*gasp!* i know, i know… i can’t believe it either. because you see, we had a long and meaning relationship, facebook and i. next month would have been 5 years of going strong. but lately i’ve been thinking more and more about this “relationship”, and i’ve realized that it has taken up more of my time than almost anything else, and instead of reading or educating myself in productive ways, i would check the latest ‘news feed’ on facebook {i mean, it says ‘news’, so it has to be good, right?}. -when work is slow and i’m bored at work. -when i’m bored at home. -when i’m stressed or having a bad day. -when i can’t sleep at night. -anytime access from my phone. so… really, we kept in touch way too often. it was very committed, and time consuming. but it was love.

now i know that facebook is a lifeline to the social world. and i  know that there will be a steep decline in  my blog views. and i also know that facebook is the easiest form of free marketing for my photography.

after 6 years of procrastinating, i’m buckling down, and going back to school. for the 3rd time 😀 but i’m serious this time. because, i’m not getting any younger, and quite honestly our economy isn’t getting better. SO, with that being said, i needed to break up with facebook, and quit pushing my photography, and put everything on hold until i get my degree.

i’ve been thinking about it, A LOT. and i was very torn on what i should do, should i push a business while everything is going good? or should i take a step back, and go to school while i’m single and child-free? if taking pictures is what i’m meant to do, then i feel like it will happen one day. you just can’t rush a higher authorities plan 🙂

Now onto brighter things! We are loving summertime and Coke at my house 🙂

4 responses to “the facebook breakup.

  1. Lauren Wilson

    Well..I am a little sad…but I too agree that it is very time consuming and when we could definately be spending our time doing something more productive!! 🙂

  2. First off, LOVE that first picture! It just feels good, it feels like a great summer day and a great friendship!
    Second, I think you are making a great choice. However, I hope to see you keep shooting, if only for fun, and like you said… What is meant to be will be. BEST of luck girl!

  3. Way to go! You’re making the best choice. Getting rid of facebook is the best feeling ever. You will love having all that extra time for “important” things. Good luck with school, you’ll do great! I love the Coke pictures.

  4. Good Luck Mallory!!!!
    i’m so proud of you. i know you will do great! 🙂

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