corn fields of love.

These 2 lovebirds are getting married on Saturday.

When I had originally talked to Brooke about doing their engagement pictures, I asked her the same thing I normally ask my clients –> do you have an idea of what kind of pictures you would like? Walking through downtown? Country setting? Or maybe a little of both? And she says “well actually, my family owns a huge farm, I was hoping we could do it there”, ummmm YESSS! I’m nearly positive she could hear my squeals of excitement on this.

After numerous texts and phone calls about the rain looming and threatening to stick around,  we finally decided on going that Saturday morning at 8:30.  Brooke and I were ready to go off the bat, but Brent had other ideas. He thought it was a better idea to sleep later while we waited on him, haha!  I love these two.

um, seriously the most gorgeous house ever. this was brooke’s grandparents house, and i absolutely LOVE it. i think its perfect. oh and i want one

3 responses to “corn fields of love.

  1. Alicia Damron

    That is a beautiful house, love it! And I love the closeup of the corn(?), very interesting. The lighting is gorgeous, her skin is just glowing!

  2. These are sooo good Mallory…Sorry we missed your special day Brooke!!! (I was having a prego day) Hope it was perfect!!!

  3. Love these Mallory! 4th one down I love!

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