floppy hats & sun dresses.

this past weekend jennifer, lindsey, skylar, and I ventured up to Wilkesboro to stay with our friends. april & wesley were generous enough to endure us in their home for the whole weekend 🙂

saturday lindsey, ginger, cassie, brooks, april, wesley, stephanie, chad, and myself went canoeing. actually april, wesley, stephanie, and chad canoed, brooks kayaked, while the rest of us tubed. it rained the whole time, and it was a little chilly {low 70’s outside temp}, AND it was my first time! and now i seriously can’t WAIT to go back! in fact, i’ve convinced my family we should take a trip up there for it. 🙂

saturday night we cooked out; hamburgers/hotdogs, and all the goodies that go along with it. several more friends came over and played games and hung out with everyone.

sunday while the guys went to play golf, april and ginger had feverishly worked up the cutest little tea party. i got my invitation a little over a month ago, and i was completely giddy about the “floppy hat and sundress” tea party. it was our 1st annual, and i’m already ready for our 2nd annual 🙂 

i was hoping the other girls would post some pictures they took so that i could post some of us in our floppy hats, but they haven’t yet. so i’ll post the few that i have.

3 responses to “floppy hats & sun dresses.

  1. That looks like fun! It’s always great to have an excuse to dress up and hang out with friends.

  2. I love these, everything is so cute. The jars are my favorite!! It looks like you must have had so much fun!

  3. Hmmm, I was thinking awhile back that I want to have an outdoor tea party for Kennedy and her friends when she is old enough, but, I had not thought of doing it for ME and MY friends! LOVE it! Love all the details and the jars are AWESOME!

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