Justin lives in Michagan, but he and Lindsay have known each other for years. He used to live here back in the day, and they kept in touch over the years, but ole faithful Facebook reconnected them in a closer way, and now they heart skype and cell phones :). They are little traveling bandits, visiting each other any chance they get. He was here Memorial Day weekend, and I got a half a millisecond to snap a few pictures after dinner right before it was completely dark outside.

6 responses to “j+l

  1. These are great! The headless shot…. LOVE!

  2. oh my word. i love these. they are so cute!

  3. these are fabulous mal! love them all…

  4. I’ve already told you I LOVED THESE! But i’ll say it again. The close up of them facing each other is my favorite!!

  5. awwwww these make my heart happy! Awesome job!

  6. They make a beautiful couple! And I love their outfits, they look so classy and classic. You did a great job!

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