bahama mama.

the Bahama’s have character. and i do love that. i love unique buildings, colors, and graffiti. and i really love, i mean LOVE the green/blue/clear-ish water.

get ready for lots of imagery! oh and please note that over half of these pictures were taken from inside the bus going 1,000 miles an hour 🙂


I found the fire department 🙂

I would like to put in a request to North Carolina for these adorable mailboxes.

3 responses to “bahama mama.

  1. ♥ them….

  2. I love all the little details you captured. And I’d definitely get that one you like printed big on a canvas. It’s a very cool shot!

  3. Ahhhhh!!! I’ve been so excited to see all of these, EVERYTHING looks so neat. I love all the bright colored buildings, guitar, bamboo shower, little huts, mailbox and the beautiful water!. That picture that you love it awesome, you should def. canvas it! The 11th from the last is sooo good too! I’m so glad yall came back safe. Love you!! ❤

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