brick competition

Last Saturday my youngest brother Dallas competed in his first brick laying competition. McGee Brothers Company Inc. is one of the largest brick masonry companies in the country, and they hosted the event. In order to be in the competition the employee’s had to have less than 3,000 hours of brick laying experience. On Tuesday of last week, a group of boys were asked if any of them were interested in competing, they had 7 open spots. Dallas, Britt, Brennan, Kale, Trevon, Noah, and Lance all volunteered. I’m SO ridiculously proud of them, they are 15 years old and only lay brick a couple of hours a week, and were competing against full time brick masons.

I had a early morning engagement session Saturday, so I was late getting there.  In my head I knew Colton {our other brother that was a full time brick mason up until 2 weeks ago} would be there, helping and coaching Dallas along, somewhat like a mentor. Especially since it was based on speed. So when I got there a little bit late, and all the other boys were on their 3rd course of brick and Dallas was still on his first. SO, I started panicking. I mean really. What is wrong with him? Why is he going so slow? Why is Colton not there helping him? He’s never nervous. He usually has more confidence than we would like to admit. WHAT is going on here!? Finally, at nearly the end of the competition I was informed it was not based on speed, it was quality. ahhhh! Its official, i’ll be the worst “soccer mom” ever!

i love how much is going on in this next picture..

Judging table 🙂

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

2 responses to “brick competition

  1. Great blog Mallory! I really enjoyed it!

  2. I think they all did a great job! my favorite is the 1st picture of them all.

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