Young family!

There are very few things that make people hate the park on a spring day, except 1.) swealtering heat and 2.) having your picture made in the swealtering heat. Buttttt they pretty much rocked it, and never complained. {i was definitely the one mumbling in disgruntal}. I absolutely love, LOVE this family.

Considering I’ve never done a family session of this size before. Sherry>9 kids>1 grandkid. Thats 11 people, people. Just know I did the best I could, in the fastest possible time that I could.

Now, for the pretty/handsome-ness:

{i hope i look this good when i have grandkids! beautiful.}

{then I caught this one of her, & I seriously love it 😉 }

I remember Lottie when she was a baby, it makes me feel so old to see her so grown up, she’s so pretty!

I He was wanting a pool.

I think it’s safe to say: he’s loved. 😀

10 responses to “Young family!

  1. April Duritza

    Mallory, these pictures are beautiful! A gorgeous family! I love the one of Rachel swinging the baby by the arms!

  2. Mal, these are amazing. i love them!

  3. good job! these are all so good 🙂

  4. Melanie Huntley

    Mallory you did a superb job. What a beautiful family! I think Damien is very loved and quite handsome also 🙂

  5. I love these Mallory….you did amazing!!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  6. these r wonderful pictures girl!! such a Beautiful Family !

  7. Mallory these are fantastic! Everyone is beautiful. Oh and it makes me feel old too to see how old all of these kids have gotten!

  8. These are amazing!!!

  9. Mallory, we couldn’t be happier with these pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for making us all look so good…that takes talent! LOL!

  10. LOVE the one of Rachel swinging Damien!

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