sleeping beauty.

Last week I did Skylar’s “4 week old” pictures. I can’t believe how much time is flying. She isn’t supposed to be this old already! 🙂

Kisses from her older “sister”, Bella. haha!

Jennifer has fun dressing her up like she’s a doll. I told her she better do it while she still can!

At one of her baby showers Skylar got her first bikini. Justin {her daddy} says its “way too provocative”. They plan on going to the beach in 2 weeks, and Justin says “there better not be any 3 month old little boys hittin’ on my baby girl” hahaha!

I love this next picture.

The next one is a favorite of the day.

This little girl has NO shortage of shoes. I love her wide varity.

and for my absolute favorite little pair of shoes:

8 responses to “sleeping beauty.

  1. She is so cute! You did a great job!!

  2. OMG..Mallory, these are just beautiful. You are such an amazing photographer. Isn’t Skylar such a sweet little sugar! 8×10’s here we come!!

  3. CUtE CUTE! LOVE THEM— another Awesome job Mallory,


  4. Lauren Wilson


  5. 10th one down is so sweet!!!!!!!!!

  6. samantha jenkins

    These are so cute!!!Skylar is such a doll!!!And you are very talented!!

  7. awe, she is precious.. i want her!

  8. she is soo cute… Mallory you did a great job…

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