Mothers Day! {portraits on the grands}

I’ve been trying to do better about getting quick portraits of all of my family. So on Mothers Day I did some of all the grandkids, and I warned all the parents that on Fathers Day I’m doing theirs, so they better be prepared! 😉

My grandparents have 6 kids, and from the six kids there are 22 grandchildren, and 1 great-grand baby. I got most of the grandkids to cooperate this time, I’ll catch up with the others when they decide to just listen to me haha! 😀 .. And i’ll also dedicate a post to one cousin in particular soon.

So now, on for the ones I DID get!

Lindsay {24}

Cody {22}

Lindsay took this one of me 🙂 {22}

Brett {18} and his girlfriend Carlie {17}

Dallas {15}

Dustin {13}

Maggie {13}

Ashley {13}

Kaliann {12}

Maleah {12}

Jessica {10}

Carissa {10}

Karlin {8}

Megan {8}

Melanie {7}

Quinten {5}

Rylan {5}

7 responses to “Mothers Day! {portraits on the grands}

  1. Girl these are so good! AND.. you look smokin hott in your picture 😉 Good Job Lindsay!!

  2. Love the pictures, Mallory…especially the one of you…You look so pretty…(I think you missed a grandchild though…) 🙂
    Have a great week!

    • thank you so much! haha I guess your talking about my missing brother. Colton refused to have his picture taken. So not included is actually 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child. (i’ll trap them somehow to get theirs :))

  3. Aww! These are so good of everyone.. too bad Mr. Colt didn’t allow you to take his. Hopefully on Father’s Day he will! I love the one that Lindsay took of you, it’s adorable.

  4. I love all of these, and I loved seeing them all here together. I feel your pain though, I have certain nephews and nieces that refuse to let me take their pics, oh well, their loss…haha.

  5. I drove past going to Holly’s and saw you taking these I think! Love the fact that you got most of the grands and plan to get the adults on Fathers Day… (good luck!) And I too have a brother who refuses to let me take his pix, it drives me crazy!

  6. Oh, and way to go on getting your own picture taken also!

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