little sugar

Friday night I was pulling out of my driveway to go meet Lindsey and Jennifer for dinner in Monroe {Justin was working on their house, so it was the perfect opportunity for a girls night}. I had just got off the phone with Lindsey telling her I was leaving my house, as soon as I hung up she calls back “change of plans, GO TO THE HOSPITAL JENNIFER’S IN LABOR!!”.

Me: ohhh snap. 1.)i don’t have my camera. 2.)i’m dressed up and I don’t want to sit in the hospital in this all night. 3.)jennifers in labor and i’m scared out of my mind!

I get to Lindsey’s to pick her up, and we just look at each other and start screaming, literally. This is what we’ve been waiting for; for 9 months we’ve been over and over the list of things Jennifer and Justin would need in the hospital. This is the baby that has her own facebook for scrapbooking reasons. This is the baby that had the biggest/extravagant baby shower I’ve ever seen. THIS is the baby that would actually make me emotional more than once, more than even twice in a weekend.. ok I actually lost track of how many times I cried. {for those who know me, you know that I’m not much of a cryer.. at all.}

Jennifer was in labor for nearly 25 hours. During this time we paced floors, slept on couchs, and may or may not have been a little delusional. Grandmommie said in her little sweet voice “This is crazy; Skylar needs to hurry up.. That little sugar. That little sweetheart.” Jennifers epidural wore out, and her bed was broken. But she did amazingly well, and the baby was born healthy and loved.

Skylar Brooke Trull was born Saturday 4-10-10 at 7:39pm. 8lbs, 13oz. 21 1/2 inches long.

The thinkkk the next one is my favorite..

You will see more of this “little sugar” again soon. 🙂


I just decided I should add some pictures of the first time Justin and Jennifer held their baby girl. Actually the first time Jennifer even got to see her.

Andddd then there is me!

{Thanks for the picture Jill!}

8 responses to “little sugar


  2. These are so good!! What a cute little baby.

  3. Precious! You did great as always…sooo glad you tracked every moment for those of us who couldnt be there!!!

  4. These are absolutely adorable pictures!!!!! Thank you so much for letting us relive this special time when we look at the pictures over and over. Great job Mallory…I will add….Again!!

  5. Awww she’s precious! I didn’t know she had been born yet. Congrats Jennifer and Justin I know yall are so proud, she’s beautiful!

  6. Whoops! I sent that comment too fast – Mallory I love the one of you holding her. Great jobs with these pictures too. I’m sure they will treasure them for always!

  7. Sigh… nothing like a sweet new baby! Congrats to the proud parents!

  8. How sweet, newborn pictures are treasured forever!

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