DIY project #1 {lamp!}

Periodically I get these little urges to do something, or change something, or create something to make it different. Little do-it-yourself projects. Most of the time they are scary {according to my family}, but {once in a blue moon} they can turn out good. A while back my Mom and I saw a article in a random magazine, and it had pictures in it that inspired me. I didn’t even read the article. And here I am months later and decide I’m going to try my version of it. I haven’t ever seen anything like this before, so I was pulling this from my left hip, for real.

Here is the lamp before:

The quality of these pictures are TERRIBLE, thanks to my handy EnvyTouch phone. I didn’t use my camera because I just knew I was going to jack this lamp up, and look like an idiot for trying. So I just didn’t bother. Oh well, at least I did use my phone.

The redoing of this lamp consisted of:

  • sissors or a rotary cutter which I found easier in this case
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • a lamp that needs a facelift
  • scraps of fabric
  • an old sweater {mine is compliments of Goodwill’s sweet $2.00 deals}

And wahlah! I’m prettyyyy proud of myself with how this turned out. Again, sorry for the bad quality pictures. At least you get the jist of its cuteness 🙂

Happy Monday!


5 responses to “DIY project #1 {lamp!}

  1. Cuteeee!

  2. love the ‘vintage’ feel… it’s cute and girly!

  3. AAAHHHHHH!!! i LOVE it. keep it up, girl!

  4. Okay you so have to share the secret of the embellishments!!

  5. Cute!! I love it.

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