Myrtle Beach in March {personal}

This past weekend I was off to chase the sunshine. For real, its been a weird cold winter here. My Grandparents {Mum & Pop} own a timeshare, and we are so thankful and blessed for that! Robin {my aunt}, Lindsay {my cousin}, and I went down to the beach. For them it was perfect shopping weather, but for me who hates shopping would like to occupy my time in other ways, thought what better time for me to play with my camera?

Have I ever mentioned that lately I’ve had a complete fasination with blue skies? Well, if it wasn’t already obvious…..

One of my favorites of the day..

Self creeper status meter? HIGH.

Another favorite..

I found this “World Peace Wall”, and fell in love.

Andddd another fav.

Mom: this is for yours truly. {she’s a fan.}

I spy…

*sigh*… I just want summer please.

This was our view from the room, taken through the window… I kinda like it.

7 responses to “Myrtle Beach in March {personal}

  1. These are gorgeous Mallory…great job!! I love the World Peace Wall.

  2. These are beautiful pictures….and yes, I love the Alabama picture! I am a fan of their earlier music.

  3. I love these pictures, Mallory. Especially the one under the pier. It looks just like a cross. I’m so glad y’all had a good time. Hope the next time you go it will be warmer.

  4. You captured lots of that gorgeous blue sky… my fav is the one with all the yellow chairs… love it!!!!!

  5. Wow! I’m stunned by how amazing these pictures are. Your talent is just shining thru in all these pictures. Everyone is gorgeous. I love the blue skies as well. These are really great!

  6. The hand holding the sea shell has to be Lindsay’s. The ring on her finger looks just like something she would wear.

    • haha Mum you know her so well. It is Lindsay! And I thought that picture under the pier looked like a cross at the end too, I didn’t realize it until after I took it though. Love you!

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