Trull {baby bump!}

Justin & Jennifer are going to have a baby! A little girl they are naming Skylar Brooke. Jennifer is one of my best friends, and you may remember the post back in July when I was in her wedding. If you don’t remember, you can see it here.

This past weekend was her 1st baby shower, so the girls that roomed with her in college came into town, and we had a huge slumber party the whole weekend. Since everyone was in town for the shower, Justin and Jennifer were baptized yesterday in the church they’ve decided to call family. We had so much fun! But it was also pretty emotional. I just couldn’t be happier for both Justin & Jennifer, they are going to be AMAZING parents, and I can’t wait to meet Skylar!

This is what I found when I walked up to Jenn and Justin’s before the shoot. 🙂

The Baby Nursery theme is bee’s and daisy’s. So yellow, black, and white. Jennifer’s mom {Sandra} made these wall pieces, and I thought they turned out so cute!

One of the pictures they specifically requested:

My favorite of the day!

or maybe this one is….

I love this one because its SO them!

2 responses to “Trull {baby bump!}

  1. Your two favorites are mine too! I LOVE all that blue sky, the negative space and the baloons in the first. Great job girl!!

  2. I agree, I really like your favorites too! What a pretty girl and how exciting their lives are getting ready to be!

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