“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

I want to start out by saying; to anyone who hasn’t attended the Spread the Love Tour by Justin & Mary Marantz, I would highly recommend it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Such great people too!

I met some other photographers there also that I was ecstatic about! I don’t think they realize how inspirational they are for me; I was straight giddy.

Later I was telling one of my friends how I got to meet one of my absolute favorite photographers, and she asked me “what else inspires you?” And I thought to myself for a little bit, and I wasn’t sure how to answer that. How can I define what inspires me?

For some its music at work:

for some its playing the Nintendo DS:

for some its coloring and styling Sleeping Beauty to look a little more unique than usual 😉 :

but for me its more of things like this…

So yesterday on my way to the mall, I thought about it again. The way the sun sets and illuminates the bare trees with such great contrast against the orange tinted sky insprires me. The way a dad holds his little girls hand while she puts both feet together and slightly bends her knees, just to make that mud puddle splash a little higher when she jumps in it, inspires me. The way my brother can hear the certain tones off his fire pager to know its his station they are calling for, and how he listens so intently then runs out the door and speeds off to try and make a difference in someone else’s life; I can see his adrinaline pumping. When people go out of their comfort zone to wear something that doesn’t match or cordinate, yet it goes together so fabulously well, and they are confident about it. It’s a music video or a movie, there are some amazingly brilliant colors and angles they take on; it makes me want to hit replay over and over. Church! It helps me keep focused more than anything else in the world; mainly because I am reminded over and over again what a sacrifice Jesus made for me.  It’s color, antique/vintage, enthusiasm, old, young, bold, crazy, energetic, rustic; it really.. just can’t be pinpointed.

All of these pictures on this post were taken by my cell phone, so the clarity is terrible. But it helps me challenge myself, and think outside the box a little more.

{to my sisters: I love when I find pictures like this when I’m looking through my phone :)}

So I want to know, what inspires you? Please leave a comment and tell me! I love to read other peoples insights, and see the world in a slightly different light.

Happy Monday!


8 responses to “Inspiration..

  1. I love that picture of your sisters! And am so glad you had fun at Spread the Love! As for what inspires me…. LOTS! But, among many, color, art, magazines, stationary, exercise, patterns, designs, the sound of my camera clicking…and so much more!

  2. It would take me a while to think about how to give a full answer to this, but one thing that inspires me is going to old places, like junk shops, old parts of town, etc. and just poke around. I love seeing old things that somehow are made more special by the thoughts of what they could tell if they could talk. Now that I have a house that can be all my taste I’m able to use some of that stuff in my decorating and I love it!

    • I know, it took me forever to come up with a answer, and I still don’t think I can pinpoint it. Thanks for the comment though, I love seeing what inspires other people!

  3. I loved reading this post Mallory!

  4. MALLORY!!… WHY did u put that picture of me on there!!!!!!!
    I can not belive u!!!!!! although that is a grand picture of KARLIN!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I LOVE U!!!!! I thank?

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