Lindsay & Cody

This brother/sister team are the best. They are my 1st cousins, but always have been more like my own siblings. They pretty much… mean the world to me.

Lindsay asked me if I would do some pictures of her and Cody to give to their parents for Christmas { since they needed to replaced the ridculously outdated senior pictures that were on the walls!}, so of course I was more than willing.

This was a difficult little secret for us to keep; because I work with their mom {Robin} during the week, and I was so super excited about these pictures {and bonus Robin is one of my #1 supporters so I knew she would extra love them}, but I held back my urges. Yay!

LOVE the next two! Wrestling; its so them.


6 responses to “Lindsay & Cody

  1. Nice shoots =)

  2. Mallory, These are the best yet… I just love them and your subjects were awesome… They will be so pleased they did this years down the road…
    Keep up the great work!! Love You

  3. Love the urban setting! You did a great job capturing them, they look so fun! No doubt their Mom loved every single one!

  4. such a fab session. i love the locations and her funky style! you did a great job. 🙂

  5. Love the wrestling pics. Nice “genuine” moment.

  6. Cute! Love the playfulness you captured in this session!

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