funny faces

A week ago today, I got to go through the incredibly alluring proceedure of a tonsilectomy and adoidectomy. I know, I know, your jealous. So even though I’ve been playing musical chairs between my house and my parents house, somehow I still have cabin fever. I can’t wait to get back on my normal schedule and feel better!

Walmart cat fights: episode #….countless.

Wednesday I went to the new Walmart in Locust, its only 10 minutes away from my parents house, and I thought well this shouldn’t take too long. Oh no, no; think 2 hours. So I walk up to the counter to ‘drop off’ my prescription, and the girl working said “it will take about 40 minutes”, I told her that was fine, I would be waiting. After an hour and 45 minutes of wondering aimlessly up and down the enticing isles of Walmart, dazing at curious people with an interested yet blunt stare; I walked back up to the counter and irratibly politely asked the girl in the ‘pick up’ line on the status of my order. She just looked up and said “have I called your name yet?”. I told her I was sorry I just didn’t know if I had missed it over the intercom with all the obnoxious chattering of love people can’t hold back from. I walked away from the counter and continued pacing the store, up and down the same charming isles I had been for nearly 2 hours now. The more I thought about the way the lady acted at the counter, the more and more I got antsy about it. So I walked back up the counter and said (and yes, I quote) “ma’am I’m really sorry to be any kind of problem for you, but I just had my tonsils removed on Friday, and I’m exhausted, is there any kind of time frame? If I need to, I can leave and just come back another time.” She looked up from her register and glared at me and said “should you even be driving?” and I said “well, its not like I’m on any medicine right now, I’m here waiting for a refill.” She said “that is not what I asked.. I asked if you should even be driving?!”

Say what? Exxxcuuse me? {insert here the image of my twisted face of disbelief in her}

Right before I rolled up my sleeves to get my fight on; the she-devil pulled the perscription out from under her counter, and rang up my tab. From under the counter! She was just holding it apparently. Very uncool lady, very uncool.











Yay it’s Friday!


4 responses to “funny faces

  1. i would have punched her!!! What a jerk!!!

    Well I love the pictures good job my friend 🙂

  2. Okay, first I am very sorry for the pain you are going through my dear. but, I am going to admit I laughed at the story.. It was funny. The lady sounds like a jerk! I think she was just holding your meds….. ugh!

  3. OK I am sure this is mean of me but I just laughed and laughed about your encounter at Wal-Mart. I can sooooo see you saying that! Of course, I’m sure it was NOT funny to you, but you have a great way of describing things, and I couldn’t help but laughing. Those pictures are adorable little girls!!!! It looked like they were having fun. 🙂

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