brittany+jason {engaged!} pt1

::Brittany Barrineau/Jason Helms::

Brittany is my old partner in crime; my teenage best friend. Then college came along, and she moved away. With that being said; even though I don’t see her as much, she still means the world to me, and I was so excited when she asked me to do their pictures! But also super nervous, I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 061[1]

So here is part one the way she wanted them done… Next week i’ll be posting part two, the way he wanted it done.

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 088[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 085[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 075[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 073[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 050[1]


brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 091[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 072[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 043[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 030[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 013[1]

My favoriteee of the day!brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 008[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 094[1]

brit&jason engaged 8.3.09 068[1]

I am soo excited for them, I can’t wait until their big day!

7 responses to “brittany+jason {engaged!} pt1

  1. These are very cute Mallory!! I love them.. Well as for Brittany. As I didnt know you were freaking engaged till tonight.. WE NEED TO TALK!! HAHA just kidding.. Congrats to both of you.. I wish you the total best.. Love you lots!!

  2. ok. right now i am so confused as to why you were thinking you didn’t do a good job on these. these are fabulous you did a great job & they look ever so cute. my favorites are 9,11 & 13 but they are all fantastic. Britt your ring is gorgeous, congrats girl!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Mallory these are awesome.. Great Job! Brittany I love your ring. It’s gorgeous!!!!
    The puppies are adorable also.

  4. Mallory you did an awesome job with these!!! 🙂 Brittany you guys look super cute together, congrats on your engagement! My favorite one is the one with the puppies.

  5. Great job Mal! I can’t wait for our family shoot hopefully soon 🙂

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