happy birthday mama!

Tonight we went to dinner for my moms birthday, she is 43 25 today, love you momma! :]

We went to a resturant in Waxhaw, where my dad is originally from, and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved that little town. I just think its so cute! Little shops for shopping and dining, everything has the antique feel, the train rumbles through the middle of the city, street lamps, and potted flowers. I just love it. So lucky for me, my family was late as usual, so I took it upon myself to get in a few shots before dinner. Yes, they thoroughly enjoyed the evil eye I gave them after they made me jump out of my skin by blowing the horn while passing by. I was not a fan of that part.

8.1.09 024

8.1.09 022

8.1.09 021

8.1.09 017

8.1.09 016

8.1.09 015

8.1.09 014

8.1.09 011

8.1.09 007

8.1.09 006

8.1.09 003

8.1.09 028

8.1.09 025

8.1.09 027

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

One response to “happy birthday mama!

  1. I love the pictures of Waxhaw but am wondering where are the pictures of your mom on her birthday??????

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