practice makes perfect…right?

Last night I was so disappointed! Linden and I were supposed to do a photo session with a family, but because of the weirdness in weather changes, we had to postpone. But hopefully I will get to post those sooner than later.

So since we couldn’t do that, I went home and walked around our house taking random pictures of anything in our yard. I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to practice! I probably shot everything five ten times at least; my goal is to shoot picture the way I want it to look printed, with as little-to-none editing as possible. Editing tends to makes pictures look grainy. So our neighbors and everyone coming down Providence Rd probably thought I was crazy, because I would sit in front of anything and take pictures over, and over, and over, messing with different settings/apertures/depth/lighting until I was completely satisfied. Here are the best that I came up with, that I didn’t have to edit.

P.S.  I’m also adding pictures that my friends may kill me over when they see them from Saturday night. shh…. ;]

7.29.09 025[1]7.29.09 016[1]

7.29.09 001[1]

7.29.09 002[1]

7.29.09 003[1]

7.29.09 004[1]

7.29.09 005[1]

{i love the bee on the flower :)}

{i love the bee on the flower :)}

7.29.09 018[1]

7.29.09 023[1]

7.29.09 019[1]

7.29.09 022[1]

7.29.09 021[1]

7.29.09 007[1]7.29.09 006[1]

7.29.09 014[1]

7.29.09 008[1]

7.29.09 010[1]

5 responses to “practice makes perfect…right?

  1. I love the barrels. So cute!

  2. wow we named our posts almost the same thing!!…yes I hear you thinking…’Levin has a wordpress?? what a loser, what a tool!!’ But yes as a matter of fact I do 🙂

  3. Mallory, These are my favorite yet. I love all of them!

  4. I’m so sad that our shoot got canceled 😦 Hopefully we can do it soon 🙂 I love these Mallory I had a photo shoot the other day with Mom’s flowers I was so desperate for something to shoot!

  5. These are good Mallory, I agree with you about editing. I prefer to edit as little as possible, so I will take the same shot several times until I get it right. Hopefully, with practice, I’ll get to where the first shot is right! I don’t even have Photoshop, I would like to have it, but it is just so expensive! Anyways, I like the still lifes (lives?), I think that is a great way to practice. Sometimes those detail shots are my favorites.

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