all this for a wedding?

Oh yes, all of this for a wedding. But not just any wedding…the best wedding i’ve ever attended. So I stalked everybody down the whole time to the point of them screaming “paparazzi!”, and somehow, I still just loved it.

I’m sad that I couldn’t take any pictures of our sweet dances we had choreographed. First Jennifer and her dad danced their father-daughter dance to You Can Let Go Now Daddy which in case you don’t know, is a really sweet song. Then mid-song there are some skitching discs, and they whip out their sunglasses and break it down to the Cotton Eye Joe remix with Cupid Shuffle cutting in afterwards… and then slowed it back down to the You Can Let Go Now Daddy. Then there was a few more speakers/toasters and then it was our turn. All ten bridemaids, the bride, and the best “reader” ever, had the  routine. Combined we had a little Thriller, Single Ladies, It’s Raining Men, and Pour Some Sugar on Me. We wore our hot pink boas and big white sunglasses and rocked it. How can you not love it?

The photographer was John Huneycutt, I just love admire him. He’s so much fun, and his work is amazing.

Lauren :”]Ginger ---> she will kill me if she see's this.

Ginger ---> she will kill me if she see's this. "

Facebook picture!

Facebook picture!

until next timeee….

2 responses to “all this for a wedding?

  1. Cute post my friend. Amazing work! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. I’m with Meredith … I loved this post and all the pictures from the wedding/wedding weekend.

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